Hacks & Projects

Some of the fun hacks, side projects, and expirments I've worked on.

If you'd like to collaborate, or extend some of these further, then get in touch!


Data Visualisation

Data Visualisation

Born from a hack experiment, each time a colour is viewed on Dulux.co.uk, one of the split flaps animates and gives a real time representation of colour trends. Tech used: CSS3, live data streaming and modelling (JS and PHP).

Dulux MixLab

Dulux MixLab

Concept and Technical Leadership at AnalogFolk for an offline, touch screen, interactive application. Rolled out across 100's of stores UK wide. Tech used: Sass, Angular JS, PHP, API Modelling

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Ian Brennan

Ian Brennan - Head of Technical Concepting / AnalogFolk

I'm a passionate Creative Technologist who heads up technical concepting at AnalogFolk. Leading a team of talented developers who regularly ship exciting projects across for a wide variety of clients.

Using languages and tools such as JavaScript, Sass, CasperJS, PHP, Node, and Grunt, I like to rapidly prototype technically creative products and ideas.

You can follow me on Twitter and Instagram, or read more about my career on LinkedIn.